Sy Brandon


Sy Brandon Divertissement for woodwind doubler

My Divertissement for Woodwind Doubler is available as individual movements.

Intrada for Flute and Piano
Romanza for Oboe and Piano
Marche for Clarinet and Piano
Valse for Bassoon and Piano
Nocturne for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Galop for Piccolo and Piano

Galop for Multiple Woodwinds and Piano - This is the sixth movement of six contrasting movements for a woodwind doubler that was composed for and premiered by Bret Pimentel. Each movement can stand alone as a solo piece or it can be played by a woodwind doubler as part of a suite. The Galop for multiple woodwinds (played by one musician) and piano is a "perpetual motion" type of movement with a lot of rhythmic variety.


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