Sy Brandon


Flute ensembles of Sy Brandon
Chorale Preludes In A Modern Style for Flute Choir - There are seven short movements where each movement is based on a hymn or hymns and the hymn is used in a creative manner, rather than just a chorale-like setting. The music is mostly tonal and lyrical. Each Chorale Prelude can be performed individually and the composition would work equally as well in a church or concert setting. The required instrumentation is at least 3 flutes plus a 4th flute, alto flute, and/or bass flute as these three instruments mostly play the same line. There is also an optional piccolo part that mostly doubles the first flute an octave higher in spots. Advanced


Olympic Prelude for Flute Choir - This piece captures the excitement and anticipation of the Olympics through driving rhythms and meter changes. Short motivic ideas dominate the A section and a sustained melody over syncopation dominates the B section. It was selected as the set competition piece at the 2002 Australian Flute Festival. This work is recorded by The Stables Ensemble on the Emeritus label. Advanced


Scherzo, Dirge and Finale for Flute Quartet - The Scherzo is in 6/8 with exciting rhythms and counterpoint. It is in ABA form with the middle trio section in 5/4 having a slightly humorous character. The Dirge is in a slow 6/8 and uses the chaconne form. It builds to a strong climax and then ends reflectively. The Finale is in a rapid 2/4 with driving rhythms. It alternates between homophonic and countrapuntal sections. Advanced


Two Poetics for Piccolo and Alto Flute - This piece has two movements based on poetic forms. Shadorma - has six line stanzas with 3, 5, 3, 3, 7, 5 syllables, which is translated into the meter. Bantu - is a form that originated with Swahili speakers, and incorporates a lot of call and response. Advanced


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