Sy Brandon


Horn solos and ensembles of Sy Brandon

Horn and Piano

Miniatures for Horn and Piano - This composition received Honorable Mention in the Featured Division of the 2014 International Horn Society Composition Competition and First Prize in the 2015 Quadre Composition Competition. It is in four movements Anticipation, Longing, Uncertainty, and Frolic. Advanced Intermediate


Sonata For Horn and Piano - The first movement is heroic in style. The movement is in a modified sonata form. The second movement is bluesy and uses a slight twist of the blues scale. The third movement is in a modified rondo form. The asymmetrical meter idea that is focus of the A theme is carried over into the B theme where it begins with 4 measures of 5/8 followed by alternating 2/4 and 3/4. The C theme is radically different and sounds more like a development with its repeated Horn notes and changing harmonies underneath. After the C section, the themes return as B followed by A and a coda. Advanced


Suite For Horn and Piano - Three movements, Intrada, Chorale, and Danse make up this modal suite. A slight use of polytonality adds interest to the harmony as does frequent imitation. Intermediate


Horn Ensembles

Antiphony for 8-12 Horns - This is a composition for double Horn Choir. The 5th and 6th Horn parts in each choir are optional and simplified versions of other parts so that developing musicians can participate in the Horn Choir experience. The music is tonal and imitative. Advanced/Intermediate


Hornucopia for Horn Quartet - A one movement work in several sections. It begins with a fanfare section that is followed by an Allegro in 5/8. A second lyrical theme in mostly 7/4 and 5/4 follows. This leads to a return of the Allegro 5/8 before transitioning into a moderate 6/8. The fanfare section returns briefly before the 5/8 coda. The language is tonal with some passing dissonance. Advanced


Roguery for Horn Quartet - This playful composition is in three sections; two rhythmic outer sections and a humorous middle section. Advanced


Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (abridged) for Horn Quartet - The Waltz of the Flowers has been shortened and adapted for Horn quartet. Advanced Intermediate


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