Sy Brandon


Interplay for Bassoon/Trombone/Euphonium, Tuba/Bass Clarinet and Piano - Interplay was composed for the Maxwell Trio, an ensemble consisting of Kansas State University faculty members with the unusual combination of instruments of bassoon, tuba, and piano. It was premiered at the 2013 International Double Reed Society Conference. The composition can be performed with trombone or euphonium substituting for the bassoon and bass clarinet substituting for the tuba (parts are provided). The title of this three-movement work was derived from the large use of counterpoint throughout the composition. The first movement is in a quasi sonata form. The second movement is in an ABA form. The middle section of this movement uses an ostinato to accompany the melodic interplay. The last movement is lighter than the first two movements and utilizes a loose rondo form. Its allegro tempo and frequent meter changes add a humorous quality. The interplay in this movement relies less on counterpoint. Instead, the shifting of colors through alternating the melodic material among the three instruments creates interplay between sections within the rondo form. Advanced


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