Sy Brandon


Divertissement for Oboe, Piano, and Percussion - Divertissement was composed for the Cadence Music Ensemble. A divertissement is a multi-movement composition designed to divert, entertain or to amuse. The title came about as a result of the desire of Cadence for a piece that would be full of energy, have interplay between instruments, have lyrical lines, be able to reach all types of audiences, and contain a show stopper. There are six contrasting movements in this composition; Intrada, Nocturne, Waltz, Marche, Romanza, and Galop. The Intrada is energetic and playful with a lot of interplay between instruments. The Nocturne, being a night piece, is both lyrical and mysterious. The Waltz is in a flowing waltz tempo with occasional shifts away from three beats in the measure. The bass drum in this movement supports the waltz rhythm at times and at other times uses syncopation to contrast the other instruments. The Marche is not a piece that would be used in a parade. It is a march that exists in the mind of a child who is playing with toy soldiers; therefore there is playfulness and humor that would not occur in a functional march. Lyrical lines and expressiveness are the predominating features of the Romanza. The piece comes to a rousing close with the Galop, which is a "perpetual motion" type of movement with a lot of rhythmic variety. Advanced


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