Sy Brandon


string ensemble music of Sy Brandon
Festiva for String Quartet - Rhythmic sections that change meter alternate with lyrical sections that change keys to create a short piece that works well as an opener, closer, or encore. Advanced


Little Suite for String Duet - These duets were written for the composer’s niece who is a violin teacher. They have been adapted so that either part can be played by any string instrument. They are designed so that the first part is playable by a student in the early stages of development and the second part is playable by a more advanced student or the teacher. The five movements may be performed as a set or individually. Little Serenade has some easy meter changes. Little Waltz makes use of a counter melody and is in arch form. Little Dance uses some easy double stops, canon and imitation. Little Lullaby is in 6/8 and uses some pizzicato. Little March has several themes separated by fanfare interludes. Easy Intermediate

Score and all string parts $13.00
Variations for String Quartet - A lyrical, yet angular theme, undergoes five transformations. Tempi, harmonics, canon, pizzicato and meter change all create excitement as this piece develops. This work is recorded by The Nevsky String Quartet on the Emeritus label. Advanced


Wonderland for String Quartet - This work in inspired by characters and scenes in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and can be performed with or without narrator. The narrator reads poetry written by Sy Brandon that describes the character and scene of each movement. The six movements are Alice, The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, The Mock Turtle, and The Queen of Hearts. Advanced


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